As a member of the Eye Comb Editors family, you automatically enjoy this public reassurance that the work you share with us remains confidential.

This agreement is made between:

  • Eye Comb Editors ("Company"),

  • the client ("Author"), and

  • the editor, designer, or other publishing professional ("Contracted") who is contracted to provide services for Eye Comb Editors. 


Eye Comb Editors agrees that:


1. this agreement is valid indefinitely unless otherwise stated in writing by the relevant parties.

2. work submitted to us from the Author is the rightful intellectual property and copyrighted material of the Author.

3. under no circumstances will we copy (either electronically or physically) or share a manuscript or other confidential material or portion thereof, but will keep these materials confidential.​

4. all Eye Comb Editors team members are carefully hand-selected professionals who sign a Contractor Agreement containing the following confidentiality clause:

A signed digital copy of a Non-Disclosure Agreement is available upon request.

Tori Yabo

Chief Editor

Eye Comb Editors



Last Updated: May 26, 2018