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Getting paid to read anywhere in the world any time of day with Eye Comb Editors

Editor Onboarding

Dear Editor,


Welcome to the Eye Comb Editors family!

Please carefully review all of the following and bookmark this page for future reference. Keep ECE's internal processes confidential. However, suggestions are desired and welcome!

Onboarding Survey

If you did not submit an application, please complete the Editor Onboarding Survey, so you can start receiving project notices.  You must also send your resume and a short sample of each type of edit you wish to perform to The samples should show tracked changes and comments. This helps match projects to your background to set you up for success.


Visit for information about us and a description of the three main editing levels. Then add me on Skype as "Eye Comb Editors" and connect on social media using the buttons at the bottom of this page.

Editing Guidelines

My style is familiar--I include personal reactions and positive feedback. Depending on the author's personality, I take this approach to build long-term relationships. Use a style that feels comfortable for you.

In comments, refer to the book rather than to the author, say "us" rather than "me," and say what to do rather than what not to do. For example, "You didn't tell me who," should be, "This paragraph should tell us who."

For repeated errors, explain the edit the first time, name it the second time, and then edit without comment after that. Always perform the actual edit in-line as well. This builds our authors’ skills while being efficient with time. Tick Spot, Rescue Time, and Gleeo are good apps for tracking your effective hourly earnings.

At the end of every edit, always select "Final" for the document view and check your work. I can't review every project in entirety, so please email me as many questions as you need. Consistency and accuracy allows us to continually increase prices and pay. Assume that potential clients will look through past ECE edits to evaluate our quality.

CMoS Membership

For books, use our account on The Chicago Manual of Style website to check style. Both our user name and password are “eyecomb.” Likely you will do a few dozen five-second checks per book.


Projects are paid upon completion. For any lead brought to ECE, you earn a commission whether or not you are the editor on the project.


I partially review all edits and give feedback. I also appreciate receiving feedback and anticipate mutually growing with you. Together, we provide writers with first-class, easy-to-understand book editing. Thank you for being a part of Eye Comb Editors.

Warm regards,


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