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Tom Bird Special

Dear author,

In deep respect and admiration for the inspired writing produced through the Tom Bird program, Eye Comb Editors has a created a special service specifically for his authors.

Editing Process
Tom            ECE
style edit of ms
cover design
full edit of cover text
front & back matter
structural edit of ms
line edit of ms
copy edit of ms
formatting of ms
proofread of ms

Eye Comb Editor's Tom Bird Special includes:

  • front & back matter

  • full edit (structural, line, copy, & proofread) of book cover's text

  • structural edit of ms

  • line edit of ms

  • proofread of ms

Style editing, copy editing, formatting, and cover design are already included in or referred out via your Tom Bird program, but we also offer these services if you desire.

The Tom Bird Special provides a savings of 2c/word (enormous savings) as compared to purchasing each of these three services individually. This is all-inclusive at a flat rate calculated by word, paid in full or 60% in advance. For an exact quote, send your manuscript (and style edit if you have it) to and complete the form below.

Please visit our home page for more information about us.

I'm looking forward to the honor of working with you!

Warm regards,



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