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Eye Comb Editors provides first-class, easy-to-understand editing services by an experienced book editor and line editor at a reasonable price.

Eye Comb Editors

Book Editor
Eye Comb Editors provides first-class, easy-to-understand book editing at a reasonable price.



Generally, the book editing process involves these steps:

1. Manuscript reviewers give a more affordable "first look" to a manuscript-in-progress, which authors use to address serious structural errors or chronic grammatical tendencies before investing in a full edit. This is essentially a quick, light developmental edit. ECE's manuscript review includes (a) one to four pages of high-level notes on the entire book and (b) a line editing sample of up to one thousand words.

2. Structural/developmental/content editors analyze the overall structure and order of ideas, specifically plot and character development in fiction and idea development in non-fiction. These editors also critique pacing, voice, tone, and appropriateness for the target audience.​ ECE's structural edit includes (a) a heavy edit in the manuscript and (b) an outline of the entire book. Suggestions to add, remove, and reorder chapters and paragraphs appear in margin comments.

3. Line editors review more closely, for comprehension and appeal. Line editors note redundant words or ideas, awkward phrasing, weak word choice, wordiness, clichés, and factual errors. ECE may suggest adding, removing, reordering, and rephrasing individual sentences or "lines." A combination structural (#2) and line (#3) edit is often called a substantive edit.

4. Copy editors scan for technical adherence to publishing standards. Copy editors check spelling, grammar, punctuation, capitalization, hyphenation, and numbers. ECE provides a sprinkling of edits throughout the manuscript with educational comments on chronic errors.

5. Book designers and formatters convert the manuscript into book form (called a "proof") according to the format intended for publication, such as paperback or Kindle.

6. Proofreaders perform a light copy edit and aesthetic layout check on the final proof after the book has been formatted.












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Editing Services

  1. Manuscript review

  2. Structural edit

  3. Line edit

  4. Copy edit

  5. Proofread

Additional Services

  • Coaching

  • Front and back matter creation

  • Book design & formatting: interior print & e-book layout

  • Cover design

  • Citations & indexing

  • Fact-checking: ensures technical and academic accuracy

  • Setting review: ensures historical and cultural accuracy

  • Access to our network of publishing professionals for publicity, marketing, and more


  • Manuscript Review (one read)

  • Combo: structural, line, copy, & proofread (four reads)

  • Publishing Pipeline: all edits and interior & cover design (four reads)

The Publishing Pipeline is our most popular package, providing one-stop-shop efficiency and guidance throughout the process.  You will need to incorporate the feedback from the previous read before I begin the next read. Every package has the option to order additional reads if desired.

Pricing is flat, by word count. For a quote, fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Lead time is one week per 15,000 words. We offer expedite options.



An avid learner, I moderate philosophical discussions, perform original poetry and music, and engineer technical inventions. I know what it means to explore, create, and communicate in many fields. I love traveling with family, spending time with my animals, and helping authors send their ideas out into the world.

Eye Comb Editors - book editor, line editor


"These folks are friendly, professional, courteous, smart and timely. I found the suggestions for revision to be exactly what I needed, and there was great attention to detail. The personal reactions to the content of the book, slipped in with the edits, rocked my world and kept me hopeful that the book will be well received. I have been a proofreader, and I taught composition and short story writing as an English teacher so I knew that I needed other eyes, brains, and experience looking at my structure, content and prose. I got that and more--I got humor, support and excellent advice."

- Sarah "Sam" Elliston, author of Lessons from a Difficult Person: How to Deal with People Like Us

"Although a style editor and a copy editor had already reviewed my work, I was unsatisfied. Eye Comb served as the missing link. Their analysis unveiled a strategic bird's eye view, unwound a flowing narrative river, and unearthed a precise grammatical anthill. I am ecstatic that they critiqued not only my prose but also my poetry. I'm confident you'll find as much quality and value in Eye Comb's services as I have."

-Elizabeth Onyeabor, author of From the Shadows: A Journey of Self-Discovery and Renewal (Amazon #1 Bestseller)


"The journey with Tori (Eye Combs Editors) was terrific. From our first conversation to the final review of my book, Tori was fully vested in the success of my book, Dare to be the Change
I have also learned that not everyone does what Tori does. Her program includes a structural edit, a line edit, a copy edit, formatting, and a final proofreading. I found the most value in the program is how Tori explains her edits so that you can grow as a writer. Additionally, I used her services for the front and back matter to ensure that my book adhered to The Chicago Manual of Style. I will continue to use Eye Combs for all my future projects, and I highly recommend you consider doing the same."

- Annella Metoyer, author of Dare to Be the Change (Amazon #1 bestseller, 5 star winner from Reader's Favorite, and 5 star winner from Literary Titans)

"Excellent editing! Very personal, thoughtful, and enjoyable to work with! I will use Eye Comb Editors again, and I recommend it to all! I also love the advice given to enhance my writing! Great experience."

- Judith Finneren, author of Remember His Name: Conquering Sorrow, Accepting Joy (Amazon #1 Bestseller)

"They are very focused on the details and work very hard to keep your essence. Professional, smart, and committed.
Thanks Tori!"

- Genaro Torres Celis, author of Do: The Path of Continuous Growth (Amazon #1 Bestseller)




For a quote, complete the form and email your manuscript to:

I'm excited to meet you and your creation.

Unfortunately, a chronic back disability that started in 2019 is still showing unclear signs of when it will heal. Therefore, I am not taking on new projects or team members at this time. Thank you for the honor of working on your creations and good luck in your publishing journey.

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